Arbogast Jitterstick CF



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It has long been known to be highly effective for catfish fishing, along with the Jitterbug Jitter sticks. However, Pradco (Arbogast) does not currently produce jitter sticks, and the It has been difficult to obtain, but Smith has re-produced it in a special edition for catfish. It was.

The Jitter Stick CFs are all barbless double hooks. The Jitterbug CF is supported by the Jitterbug CF in a special catfish coloration with a luminous color scheme. It also ensures visibility in night games.

A lure that combines three different types of lures into one:

1. Rolling mainly noisy action. Features a soft sound.

2. This is a “water-pressed” table turn that is close to the movement of a pencil bait and has a low travel distance.

3. The swisher begins to turn erratically on a whim. When you speed up and retrieve, the water enters under the cup like the planing of a ship, and Pella The lure begins to turn at once. Since the buoyancy is suppressed, the bite rate is excellent.

Topwater lure Arbogast Jitterstick CF


Model: Jitterstick CF
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 9.5 cm -|- 3-3/4″ in.
Weight: 13.5 g -|- 3/8 oz
Hooks: Jittabagu CF hook # 1