Bonito Krap Jerk



Bonito Krap 9 is a sinking jerkbait 9 cm long and weighing 26 g. The motion of this lure is calm – it swings gently as it sinks. The sinking is slow which is ideal when the water is colder and predatory fish are not moving as actively.

Model Karp Jerk has an ideal aerodynamic shape which makes casting very easy. You don’t need a special jerkbait rod for this model. You can lead it without any problems on a regular casting rod with a 40 g weight limit.


Model: Krap Jerk
Running Depth: 0 – 2.0 m -|- 0 – 7 ft.
Length: 9 cm -|- 3-1/2″ in.
Weight: 26 g -|- 7/8 oz.
Hooks: Vmc