Deps Balisong Long Bill Minnow-SF



The Deps Balisong Long Bill Minnow might look like a deep diving jerkbait, but it actually fishes more like a tight wobbling crankbait. Perfect for targeting that 8 to 11-foot depth range where most of the trophy-sized bass live, the Balisong Long Bill Minnow was painstakingly crafted to replicate the actions of real baitfish, which spend the majority their lives tentatively swimming short distances, pausing, and always looking before making another move.

Featuring an advanced weight transfer system that allows the Balisong Long Bill Minnow to cast like a bullet, it also helps it maintain a tight wiggling, swimming action, while keeping it from darting or gliding too far off to the side like standard ripbaits. The weight transfer system also shifts the balance of the bait during short pauses, causing the Balisong Long Bill Minnow to slowly float up, headfirst, giving it the illusion of a weak or wounded baitfish. It is equipped with a vibrating spring weight as well in the nose cone, which pulses throughout the body of the bait even while paused and induces strikes by stimulating the bass’s lateral line

The bill on the Balisong Long Bill Minnow is engineered to keep the bait tracking at about a 60-degree angle to the bottom, which greatly reduces snags by making the tail pendulum forward when it comes in contact with snags and allows the bait to easily slide over and out of impediments. Outfitted with three razor-sharp Owner Treble Hooks and highly realistic paintjobs, the Deps Balisong Long Bill Minnow is the next step in true baitfish imitation.

Model: Balisong Long Bill Minnow
Running Depth: 2.5 – 3 m -|-  8 – 11 feet
Body Length: 13 cm -|-  5″ inches
Weight: 26.5 g  -|- 3/4 oz
Type: Slow Floating