Deps Giragira Kougeki

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The ultimate weapon to stimulate the feeding instincts of large predators chasing prey, the Deps GiraGira Kougeki 370 Glide Bait is a super-class big bait designed for targeting trophy-sized bass. Built with a flat-sided body to produce an attractive flash and strong underwater glare, this magnum glide bait delivers incredible drawing power with wide sliding action on the retrieve and its ability to jump and dart sideways erratically when twitching.

The jointed tail section of this bait leaves space so it can be tuned for different types of actions, but it was originally created for massive side-to-side swimming action. Armed with three fluorine-coated razor-sharp 3/0 treble hooks, each hook is mounted on a rotating hook eye to ensure they never lock up and eliminate any leverage a fish could gain from twisting during the fight.

Featuring a removable wire guard at the chin to help reduce snags when tracing tightly around standing cover, trees, and obstacles, the soft plastic elastomer tail pushes water firmly and can be replaced easily if lost or damaged.

Finished with highly realistic paint patterns to accurately mimic the forage in your local waters, bright color accents are used along the back of the swimbait so anglers can easily track its location in the water. With a name that translates to ‘Glitter Attack’ in Japanese, the Deps GiraGira Kougeki 370 Glide Bait provides unmatched big bass attraction with its enormous size, amazing wide gilding action, and flashy underwater presence.


Model: Giragira Kougeki – floating
Running Depth: Slow Floating
Length: 370mm -|- 14.5″ in. (BODY295mm)
Weight: 330 g -|- 11.8 oz.
Treble hooks: #3/0


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Deps Giragira Kougeki
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