Dorado Elusor



Elusor – a jerk for anglers who prefer leisurely methodical fishing, it does not like sudden fast jerks but with short and calm strokes it shows the fullness of its opportunities. And they are really large, since the jerk, except for horizontal action, that is typical for jerks movements from side to side, it also has a tendency to float upwards with every movement of the tip.

It can thus be lead to the very surface of the water. This kind of work perfectly mimics the sick “gasping” air fish or small fish collecting insects from the water surface. The best results with Elusor, can be achieved in shallow waters, up to two meters, especially above the underwater meadows. While descending, Elusor’s action is even better, which enhances its attractiveness to predators.

It worked very well during the summer months, when the predators were not very active, and in the winter, just before freezing of water reservoir, which proves that slow running jerk can lure out of a hiding place even the least active predator. Larger 13 cm Elusor is expected to be available soon. Art-lures lure…

Dorado Elusor Color: