Lucky Craft Sammy



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“Walking the Dog” action can be difficult to achieve with some top water baits. SAMMY makes it easy. Combine its easy to achieve “Walk the Dog” action with the spitting action of a popper and SAMMY gives you unsurpassed top water performance. But that’s not all. Add the bass calling, glass rattles and the ultra natural coloring to top water bait that can be cast a long distance, and SAMMY becomes a must for all tackle boxes! SAMMY has already accounted for victories at the various tournaments within the past three years.


SM-052-ABK-Aurora Black
SM-056-RBT-Rainbow Trout
SM-057-AGGS-Aurora Ghost Golden Shiner
SM-075-ABS-Aurora Bass
SM-089-CLH-Clear Lake Hitch
SM-098-NCCR-Mat Chart
SM-100-BABK-Bloody Aurora Black
SM-101-BOTSD-Bloody Original Tennessee Shad
SM-102-BGMN-Bloody Ghost Minnow
SM-104-BCRSD-Bloody Chartreuse Shad
SM-107-BTRS-Bloody Table Rock Shad
SM-112-CRRB-Chartreuse Rootbeer
SM-113-RBBR-Rootbeer Brown
SM-116-CRGRB-Chartreuse Green Rootbeer
SM-117-RBG-Rootbeer Green
SM-121-CRSPRB-Chartreuse Splatter Rootbeer
SM-123-GLC-Ghost Lime Chart
SM-124-BRH-Brown Hitch
SM-125-GPAY-Ghost Pearl Ayu
SM-128-SMBS-Smallmouth Bass
SM-130-PVRN-Pearl Vairon
SM-131-GVRN-Ghost Vairon
SM-132-ALC-Aurora Lime Chart
SM-134-PGJN-Pearl Goujon
SM-138-AGCR-Aurora Ghost Craw
SM-148-GBBG-Ghost Baby BG
SM-149-BBBG-Baby BG
SM-150-MSCRK-MS Crack
SM-151-MSGMSD-MS Gun Metal Shad
SM-152-WFL-White Flash
SM-154-CKBK-Crack Black
SM-155-CKBL-Crack Blue
SM-159-GNSX-Green Sexy
SM-166-MSASD-MS Aurora Shad
SM-167-AGSD-Aurora Ghost Shad
SM-168-NGOPC-Northern Golden Perch
SM-169-JMGSD-JOE’S Magic Shad
SM-170-GCRSD-Ghost Chartreuse Shad
SM-171-CFGGM-Skeet’s Magic-Ghost Gunmetal Shad
SM-172-SXCRSD-Sexy Chartreuse Shad
SM-179-FFGSM-Flake FlakeGoldern Sexy Minnow
SM-180-FFGSF-Flake Flake Golden Sun Fish
SM-181-DLCR-Delta Craw
SM-182-MCCR-Magic Craw
SM-183-PTHFSD-Pearl Threadfin Shad
SM-185-LHT-Light Hitch
SM-186-GPTFSD-Ghost Threadfin Shad
SM-192-MSJPSD-MS Japan Shad
SM-193-KTBS-Keta Bass
SM-194-JPNCTG-JP Mat Tiger
SM-195-YMSLV-Yamame Silver
SM-196-YMCGO-Yamame Champagne Gold
SM-197-YMCP-Yamame Copper
SM-198-YMCHBK-Yamame Chart Back
SM-199-YMGH-Yamame Ghost
SM-200-YMORGO-Yamame Orange Gold
SM-201-GLRB-Glow Rainbow
SM-202-CLBIW-Clear Blue Iwana
SM-219-PFAY-Pearl Flake White
SM-220-IMYL-Impact Yellow
SM-222-GTSD-Ghost Tennessee Shad
SM-225-MSGCRSD-MS Ghost Chartreuse Shad
SM-226-OSXGMN-Orange Sexy Ghost Minnow
SM-269-BEGL-BE Gill
SM-228-FFMG-Flake Flake Male Gill
SM-229-FFHG-Flake Flake Happy Gill
SM-230-FFFHR-Flake Flake Herring
SM-231-FFAY-Flake Flake Ayu
SM-232-FFGMY-Flake Flake Golden Misty
SM-233-MSPWK-MS Pearl Herring-MS Pearl Wakasagi
SM-234-APP-Aurora Purple
SM-237-GBSD-Ghost Blue Shad
SM-238-GMN-Ghost Minnow
SM-241-SSD-Striped Shad
SM-242-BAG-Black and Gold
SM-245-NCTG-Mat Tiger
SM-246-GSF-Ghost Sunfish
SM-247-MSBK-MS Black
SM-249-BBS-Baby Bass
SM-250-CRSD-Chartreuse Shad
SM-252-PCRSD-Phantom Chartreuse Shad
SM-253-CTSD-Citrus Shad
SM-254-MSMJHRG-MS-MJ Herring-MS MJ Aurora Wakasagi
SM-255-MSGWK-MS Ghost Herring-MS Ghost Wakasagi
SM-256-AGO-Aurora Gold
SM-257-APB-Aurora Pro Blue
SM-258-GPL-Ghost Pearl Lemon
SM-259-ACR-Aurora Craw
SM-260-GNSK-Ghost Nishiki
SM-262-LCGO-Laser Clear Ghost
SM-263-CRBL-Chartreuse Blue
SM-268-PAY-Pearl Ayu
SM-269-BEGL-BE Gill
SM-270-MSAS-MS American Shad
SM-276-LRBT-Laser Rainbow Trout
SM-277-ABR-Aurora Brown
SM-278-NCPK-Mat Pumpkin
SM-279-GOBR-Ghost Brown
SM-280-AGPC-Aurora Green Perch
SM-285-NCSH-NC Shell White
SM-287-CRLB-Chartreuse Light Blue
SM-288-ARCB-Archer Bee
SM-290-GLM-Ghost Lake Mead
SM-291-AGWK-Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
SM-292-LMCL-Lake Murray Clear
SM-293-LMM-GLake Mead Magic
SM-294-LVSD-Lavender Shad
SM-296-PRB-Purple Rainbow
SM-371-BPB-Bone Pro Blue
SM-419-BPGSN-BP Golden Shiner
SM-802-NPKE-Northern Pike
SM-803-BRT-Brown Trout
SM-804-SPSD-Spotted Shad-Konoshiro
SM-805-LMBS-Largemouth Bass
SM-806-TGPC-Tiger Perch
SM-807-NYPC-Northern Yellow Perch
SM-810-NLMB-Northern Largemouth Bass
SM-814-BRKT-Brook Trout-Kawa Masu
SM-815-RMSK-Red Musky
SM-816-NCBRNC Bora
SM-817-GRBT-Ghost Rainbow Trout
SM-828-MAY-Metallic Ayu
SM-830-GOAY-Ghost Ayu
SM-831-PWK-Pearl Wakasagi
SM-832-OWK-Original Wakasagi
SM-833-SLMEG-Salmon Egg-Ikura
SM-834-BFSLV-Bait Fish Silver
SM-835-ADSD-Aurora Dace Shad-Aurora Ugui
SM-836-MJJPMN-MJ Japanese Minnow-MJ Ghost Moroko
SM-837-PCHSD-Pearl Char Shad-Pearl Iwana
SM-838-JPBTLG-JP Bitterling-Tanago
SM-839-JPBRKT-JP Brook Trout-Yamame
SM-841-PSD-Pearl Shad
SM-842-ESRB-Engaged Super Rainbow-Konin Niji Masu
SM-843-STHD-Steelhead Up Stream-Testsu
SM-844-CYSM-Cherry Salmon Up Stream-Sakura Masu
SM-845-MYSM-May Salmon Up Stream-Satsuki Masu
SM-846-RNSM-Rainy Salmon Up Stream-Ame Masu
SM-847-LKTRLake Trout (Splake) Up Stream-American AME Masu
SM-848-COSM-Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)-Gin Sake
SM-849-SESM-Sockeye Salmon-Beni Sake
SM-850-KGSM-King Salmon-Masu No Suke
SM-852-BMSM-Baby Masu Salmon-Baby Yamane
SM-853-EBMSM-Energy Baby May Salmon-Seiki Amago
SM-854-ABMSM-Albino Baby May Salmon-Albino Amago
SM-855-EGMSM-Engaged Baby May Salmon-Konin Amago
SM-860-YPRR-Yellow Pink Red Rainbow
SM-880-ANPK-Aurora Northern Pike
SM-881-GNPK-Ghost Northern Pike
SM-884-AGNPC-Aurora Gold Northern Perch
SM-885-GNPC-Ghost Northern Perch
SM-894-ABLGL-Aurora Blue Gill
SM-895-GBLGL-Ghost Bluegill