Gloog Hermes



If you catch apts and you are not fond of a high speed wobbler retrieving, this version of our bait is exactly what you need. We lure the bait smoothly on the rivers, by gently shaking the tip of the rod and imitating prey fish.

Hermes performs brilliantly when it comes to walking the dog on the drop. Retrieved smoothly on and off can lure even the biggest apts as well as pikes and pikeperch, which are frequent catches. In the reservoirs, this technique of reeling in a wobbler allows to attract beautiful perches.

Hermes is a bait which can be easily cast so we can catch fish at long range and, by extension, minimalise the risk of startling fish. There is one more secret that Hermes has – Pikes. The performance of Hermes is great during the autumn on lakes. Every underwater grass bed and drops are standing open for this wobbler. Gentle jerking and a drop can catch every pike that is near this bait.

Gloog Hermes color: