Halco Night Walker-NW

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The Halco surface Night Walker lure is a hard-plastic, unique top water ‘walking’ lure. It is designed to realistically mimic the walk/crawl of a frog, mouse or baby turtle along the surface of the water. When retrieved correctly, a popping sound is made to compliment the distinct internal rattle. This surface Night Walker design is guaranteed to draw fish from a distance.

An ideal surface lure for night fishing, Halco’s Night Walker has a glow in the dark bib to help you catch those exciting after-dark monsters. The bib is also secured with Halco’s unique Bulletproof Bib securing system, making this lure tough and extremely durable. The Night Walker weighs 14 grams, enabling accuracy and distance when casting.

With Halco’s surface Night Walker, nothing can get in the way of avid anglers keen for an after-dark session. Big fresh water fish don’t stand a chance!


Model: Night Walker-NW
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 65 mm -|- 2-9/16″ in.
Weight: 14 g -|- 1/2 oz.
Treble hooks: #4 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles

Halco Night Walker-NW
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