Heddon Super Spook Boyo

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The Heddon Super Spook Boyo Topwater Bait, at three inches long and weighing about 3/8 ounces, is just a bit smaller than the Super Spook Jr and perfectly sized to resemble the little threadfin shad that inhabit much of the U.S. The Boyo Topwater Bait is geared for fishing ponds and creeks; however, don’t allow the Super Spook Boyo’s small size to stop you from using it on bigger waters!

You can still launch this Heddon Super Spook far and wide! Featuring a split ring fastened to the nose to assist walking and a unique single rattle, you can bring monster bass and other freshwater predatory fish to the surface anywhere.

Consider your fishing spots, and if they’re on small ponds and creeks, then grab a few colors for use on those, knowing you can fish them on the larger waters as well. There’s always a place to fish with the Heddon Super Spook Boyo Topwater Bait!


Imitates small threadfin shad
Measures just below Super Spook Jr at 3 in. and 3/8 oz.
Same great Spook walking action
Split ring fastened to nose for easier walking


Model: Super Spook Boyo X9235
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 75 mm -|- 3″ in.
Weight: 9.5 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Treble hooks: Two # 4

Freshwater Colors:


Heddon Super Spook Boyo

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Black Shiner
Blue Herring
Bluegill Fry
Florida Bass
Okie Shad
Wounded Shad

Saltwater Colors:

Sweet Tooth
Bonafide Clown
Speck Magic
Inshore Candy
Peach Ring

Heddon Super Spook Boyo
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