Lucky Craft Air Pellet

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This “air pellet” is a fusion of the “invitation” function that is demonstrated by the movement unique to hard plugs, into the genre-fitting just pellet plug “pellet”. The floating specification (floating pellet) and the sinking specification (sinkable pellet) are used separately, and the trout is captured by the angler’s imagination.

Not only the strategy of “invitation” with a powerful powerful action that can be seen just by winding, but also “strategy” with stop motion, it is also noted that it is possible to create a space between haste eating from the invitation by landing sound and water splash. Enjoy a new sense of crankbait that connects lures and pellets with angler’s imagination.


Model: Air Pellet SS Sinking
Running Depth: 0.6 – 1.2 m -|- 2 – 4 ft.
Length: 25 mm -|- 1-1/3″ in.
Weight: 2.3 g -|- 1/12 oz.
Treble hooks: #8 and #8

Lucky Craft Air Pellet Colors:

Lucky Craft Air Pellet Colors

Goma Sorbet II-0842
Umamiso Pellet All Stars-1362
Kamofura Pellet All Stars-1363
Aonori Pellet All Stars-1364
Salad Pellet All Stars-1365
Navy Pellet All Stars-1366
Dessert Pellet All Stars-1367
Kakitane Pellet All Stars-1368
Mabo Pellet All Stars-1369
Strawberry Pellet All Stars-1412
Woodland Pellet All Stars-1413
Gomasha Pellet All Stars-1414
Prosciutto Pellet All Stars-1415
Stealth Pellet All Stars-1416
Hatsuyuki Pellet All Stars-1417
Pellet Splatter Gold-1420
Golden Clear-1421
Pellet All Stars-5049
Wood Pecker-5050
Caterpillar Glow-5051
Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry-5536
Cafeore Sorbet-5537
Suke Miso-5542
Kani Miso-5850
Lico Pink-5953
Usu Miso Pink-5954
Sakura Miso-5956
Kani Ore Free-5960

Lucky Craft Air Pellet
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