Lucky Craft Sammy Bug



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The birth of an evolved classic topwater lure has arrived! The cup is intentionally set loose so it creates continuous vibration similar to a buzzbait creating metal-like sounds that a Bass can not ignore! The propeller on its tail creates an irregular undertow to emphasize its presence. Another appealing function is its weight of 3/4oz (23g), which makes it possible to long cast. This topwater bait swims freely in the surface area and became one of the most ideal form created.

Color Lucky Craft Sammy Bug:

SM-BG-220-Impact Yellow
SM-BG-221-Gekiatsu Gill
SM-BG-247-Ms Black
SM-BG-280-Aurora Green Perch
SM-BG-0955-Old Frog
SM-BG-0956-Old Red Head
SM-BG-0957-Old Perch
SM-BG-0958-Old Yellow Parrot
SM-BG-0961-Old Yellow Shore
SM-BG-0611-Thermo Purple
SM-BG-0611-Spider Red
SM-BG-1628-Beni Tombow
SM-BG-1401-Rain Frog
SM-BG-0960-Old Black Shore
SM-BG-0858-Purple Muscle