Lucky Craft Sammy Bug

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The birth of an evolved classic topwater lure has arrived! The cup is intentionally set loose so it creates continuous vibration similar to a buzzbait creating metal-like sounds that a Bass can not ignore! The propeller on its tail creates an irregular undertow to emphasize its presence. Another appealing function is its weight of 3/4oz (23g), which makes it possible to long cast. This topwater bait swims freely in the surface area and became one of the most ideal form created.


Model: Sammy Bug-SM75
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 75 mm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 23 g -|- 3/4 oz.
Treble hooks: #4 and #4

Model: Sammy Bug-SM100
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 100 mm -|- 4″ in.
Weight: 32 g -|- 1-1/8 oz.
Treble hooks: #2 and #2

Color Lucky Craft Sammy Bug:

SM-BG-220-Impact Yellow
SM-BG-221-Gekiatsu Gill
SM-BG-247-Ms Black
SM-BG-280-Aurora Green Perch
SM-BG-0955-Old Frog
SM-BG-0956-Old Red Head
SM-BG-0957-Old Perch
SM-BG-0958-Old Yellow Parrot
SM-BG-0961-Old Yellow Shore
SM-BG-0611-Thermo Purple
SM-BG-0611-Spider Red
SM-BG-1628-Beni Tombow
SM-BG-1401-Rain Frog
SM-BG-0960-Old Black Shore
SM-BG-0858-Purple Muscle

Lucky Craft Sammy Bug
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