Lucky Craft Splash Tail

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The Splash-Tail attracts fish using the sound of its prpulsion through the water, along with alternately short and long jerking actions that create a large arching wake. A conventional swisher-type lure can swim only three stop-and-go actions, but Splash-Tail can complete five stop-and-go actions, making it much more enticing to the hungry fish.

Our unique ball-bearing double swisher propeller-an industry first-effectively reduces friction while making for a smoother, more rapid propeller rotaion. And thanks to the ball-bearing machanism you can make the Splas-Tail swim over shorter pitch than any other swisher available today.


Model: Splash Tail ST90
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 92 mm -|- 3-5/8″ in.
Weight: 13 g -|- 1/2 oz.
Hooks: #5 and #5

Splash Tail Colors:

Lucky Craft Splash Tail colors

052 ABK Aurora Black
220 IMYL Impact Yellow
222 GTSD Ghost Tennessee Shad
237 GBSD Ghost Blue Shad
238 GMN Ghost Minnow
246 GSF Ghost Sunfish
250 CRSD Chartreuse Shad
253 CTSD Citrus Shad
257 APB Aurora Pro Blue
260 GNSK Ghost Nishiki
262 LCGO Laser Clear Ghost
268 PAY Pearl Ayu
276 LRBT Laser Rainbow Trout
277 ABR Aurora Brown
281 NCPG NC Powered Green
285 NCSH NC Shell White
288 ARCB Archer Bee
289 FROG Frog
290 GLM Ghost Lake Mead
291 AGWK Aurora Ghost Wakasagi
292 LMCL Lake Murray Clear
293 LMMG Lake Mead Magic
298 RBP Rainbow Pearl

Lucky Craft Splash Tail
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