Lucky Craft Tone Prop Jerk

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Tone Prop Jerk 110RT has rear propeller that stirs up a tremendous amount of water and attracts fish all around. Very effective on the surface or just beneath it, it has an uncanny ability to get fickle bass to attack. After twitching, the Tone Prop Jerk will rise head first during the pause just like a real baitfish.

On a slow retrieve, the Tone Prop Jerk will roll back and forth on the surface, flaring its sides like a wounded baitfish under attack, and on a speedier retrieve, its action widens and the roll is enhanced with the bait tracing just beneath the surface.

The Tone Prop Jerk has realistic accents like textured scale finishes, 3D molded gill plates, and lifelike 3D eyes. This is the every angler’s essential arsenal.


Model: Tone Prop Jerk 110RT
Running Depth: 0.0 – 0.3 m -|- 0′ – 1′ ft.
Length: 11 cm -|- 4-3/8″ in.
Weight: 14 g -|- 1/2 oz.
Treble hooks: #6, #6, #6

Tone Prop Jerk Colors:

Lucky Craft Tone Prop Jerk Colors

Table Rock Shad (Bone) 1098
Keta Bass (Bone) 1099
Chart Kinkuro (Bone) 1280
Shintone Gill (Bone) 1422
Sexy Tone Shad (Bone) 1646
TO Chart Blue (Bone) 2122
Chartreuse Tane bait (bone) 2193
Bone Marsh Kin 2270
Bone Swamp Crown 2271
Bone Numa Chart 2122
MS Japan Shad (Bone) 5189

Lucky Craft Tone Prop Jerk
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