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A Finnish design product, Nils Master Big Mouth lure, which introduced itself in the Young Nordic Design Generation X touring exhibition in America and Europe 2001, will set out on a second world tour to conquer international fishing waters.

The Big Mouth lure represents modern opening in the Finnish lure culture. Designer Tani Muhonen’s specimen of skill attracted attention in the Young Forum 2000 exhibition in Finland, from where Finlandia Uistin Oy snatched the new-shaped deceiver of game fish for a development version among its NILS MASTER models.

Tani Muhonen characterizes his creation as a hydrodynamic lure. He has adapted observations on fishing waters, aquarium and even engine technology in its design. The final contruction was executed as a computer modelling .

All parts of a traditional plug are integrated in the form of the body. The gaping mouth serves as the lip of the plug. The form of the water channel accelerates flowing like the throat of a carburettor, and gives the lure original , devious vibration, Mr. Muhonen summarizes the technique.

The plug imitates an alarmed little fish both in form and action. It serves both as a spinning lure and in trolling. Pike, perch, trout, rainbow trout, bass and such specialities as Saimaa salmon and Vantaa asp have chewed the prototype in test use.


ABS plastic lure.

Strong stainless steel wire form hook attachments.

VMC Hi carbon heavy duty stainless steel hooks with high resistance to opening.

Heavy duty stainless steel split rings.
The open mouth allows vater to pass through its body and this makes the lure move with a life-like swimming action.

Creates sound by passing water through its body.

Designed to bring attention from nearby predator

Fish looking for a meal.

Color: 7.5cm – 601, 612, 652, 685
11cm – 601, 612, 652, 685