Nils Master Jäpittäjä



The Jäpittäjä is designed specifically for casting. When you hold your rod tip down the lure will swim at a depth of about 2 meters. You can make it swim near the surface by holding your rod up. When left still in the water the Jäpittäjä sinks slowly. The darting swimming motion of the Jäpittäjä can attract trout, salmon and grayling in running waters and perch and pike in calmer waters.


Wooden lure.
Full stainless steel wire-through-body-construction.
Durable hand painting detailed colours.
Contrast colours.
Heavy duty stainless steel split rings.
Holds steady in fast running waters.
It has its own unique life-like swimming action with a tight wobbling shimmer.

Color: 06,24,51,52,78,90,117,128,137,146,173,189,226,228,274


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