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The Over Real 63 Wake Minnow is a Hybrid Joint Wake Minnow which has both high appeal and ability to entice bass bite. Only a few hard bait has such various action. The home fields of O.S.P pro staff Kazuki Oriakane are Lake Takataki and Kameyama. But he also fishes various tournaments of clear lake and muddy lake.

He used his original bait secretly to fish pond smelt season. O.S.P refined that bait and produced new bait that can catch more fish and have more fun. The silhouette of this bait is skinny 63mm. So, fish does not become suspicious even in high pressure major lake.

When you dead-stick it, its special fiber equipped in the rear and front and breast and tail respond attractively to wind and flow, drifts swaying while giving a sense of life. When you dead slow retrieve it, only its special fiber drifts on the surface of water. So you can enjoy “I” shape retrieving.

When you retrieve it slowly, front body wobbles and rolls and this movement goes to rear body smoothly. Then the body twists attractively and creates various wakes. If you twitch it finely, its head swings because lip grasps water firmly. This action is almost like bait fish writhing on the water.

And if you shake it softly, it creates subtle ripple. So it can tease bass like a bug. That means this bait can fish both on the spot and widely. The reason why this bait can have firm bite and sure hooking even by sophisticated bass is this bait has one hook system which we have reached after 8 year field test.

This new era wake minnow which has perfect function to attract bass and generate bite will create new excitement in various field not only pond smelt lake but reservoir, natural lake, pond, big river and branch.


Model: Over Real Wake
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 63 mm -|- 2-1/2″ in.
Weight: 2.6 g -|- 3/32 oz.
Treble hooks: #10
Rerease: June 2017

Colors Over Real Wake:


Osp Over Real Wake

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Osp Over Real Wake
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