Rapala BX Minnow-BXM



The BX (Balsa Xtreme) Minnow, like the BX Swimmer, now gives anglers the option to fish a balsa style action in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Truly one-of- a-kind pieces, the actions and the durability are unmatched by any other bait on the market. Plus the finishes are the most life-like yet. Designed with the clear intention that it would embody the traditional attributes Rapala balsa baits are known for with the heavy-duty toughness that fighting large, toothy fish demands, the BX Minnow is sure to be an instant Rapala Classic.


Balsa Body Inside

Durable Co-polymer Shell

Molded 3D Head, Gills and Scales

Internal X-Foil Flat-Sided with Strong Flash on Roll

Black Nickel VMC Hooks

Floating Incredible Life-like Finishes

3D Holographic Eyes

Hand Tuned & Tank Tested


Model: BXM07
Running Depth: 0.6 – 1.2 m -|- 2′ to 4′ feet
Body Length: 7 cm -|-  2.75″ in
Weight: 7 g  -|- 1/4 oz
Treble Hooks: Two No. 6

Model: BXM10
Running Depth: 0.9 – 1.5 m -|-  3′ to 5′ feet
Body Length: 10 cm -|- 4″ in
Weight: 12 g -|- 3/8 oz
Treble Hooks: Two No. 4