Rapala Glass Fat Rap-GFR



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Possibly a lure with design characteristics that was ahead of its time, the Glass Fat Rap evolved from the original balsa Fat Rap Deep Runner and the now extinct Rattlin’ Fat Rap. These lures found their way into many skilled anglers tackleboxes across the world. The Glass Fat Raps finishes are absolutely beautiful and are designed to trigger a variety of species of fish in diverse fisheries. Like its cousin the Glass Shad Rap, this lure combines the proven wobble and rattle with a see-thru glass body that emits light in all directions. With the traditional Fat Rap shape, this one is sure to lure even the most finicky fish.

Model GFR05
Length and weight: 5 cm 11 g – 2 inches 3/8 oz
Deep Runner-swimming depth: 1,5-2,1 m /5-7 ft
Weight Hooks two, # 4 and 5

Model GFR07
Length and weight 7 cm 18 g – 2-3/4″ 7/16 oz.
Deep Runner-swimming depth: 2,1-2,7 / 7-9 ft
Weight Hooks two, # 3