Rapala Glass Shad Rap-GSR



Plastic version of the original Shad Rap is a little heavier for easy casting and balanced to suspend on the stop like a natural baitfish. Slightly different “wobble” with a cadence type rattle. Transparent body with a holographic insert creates a chameleon like effect with the lure picking up the surrounding colors and bouncing them back – just like a real fish trying to hide from predators.


Transparent Plastic Body with
Holographic Insert
Reflects Surrounding Colors
VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks
Hand Tuned & Tank Tested


Model GSR04: Length 4 cm – 1-1/2″, Weight: 5 g – 3/16 oz, Depth 1.5-3.3 m – 5-13 feet, Hooks: Two No. 6

Model GSR05: Length 5 cm – 2″, Weight: 9 g – 1/4 oz, Depth 2.1-3.3 m – 7-11 feet, Hooks: Two No. 6

Model GSR07: Length 7 cm – 2.75″  Weight: 12 g – 3/8 oz Depth 2.1-4.5 m – 7-15 feet, Hooks: Two No. 4