Rapala Scatter Rap Crank Deep-DSCRC



Perfectly mimicking a spooked bait fish fleeing for it’s life, the Scatter Rap lures have changed the way anglers fish. Now Rapala brings the Scatter Rap action to the deep side of the water column. Swimming with the celebrated aggressive, evasive, erratic Scatter Rap action, the Scatter Rap Crank Deep is built to dive quickly and work in the 10-12 foot depth range with the literally unparalleled ability to reach fish holding to the weed line as well as fish suspended out and away in the same cast.


Balsa Body
Scatter Lip Design for Evasive, Erratic Swimming Action
Compact Shape Delivers a Nimble and
Responsive Action to Varying Retrieves
True Multi-Species Gamefish Appeal
Two Premium Black Nickel VMC Round Bend No. 5 Hooks
Technique: Casting Dives 10′ – 12′


Model: DSCRC05
Running Depth: 3.0 – 3.7 m -|- 10′ – 12′ ft.
Length: 5 cm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 9 g -|- 5/16 oz.
Hooks: Two No. 5


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