Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow-SCRM



The erratic Scatter Rap perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack. But unlike in nature, this one doesn’t get away. We start with classic balsa body shapes, then add our new Scatter Lip to create the most evasive, erratic, aggressive sweeping action ever seen.

The Scatter Rap Minnow carries on the tradition. Legendary body profile, this all-species bait can be cast or trolled to impart the aggressive, evasive, erratic sweeping action that is Scatter Rap.


Construction – Balsa Body, Scatter Lip
Actions – Evasive, Erratic, Floating, Non-Rattling
Technique – Cast or Trolled
Depth – 6 to 8 feet
Hooks – VMC Black Nickel Hooks
Targeted Species – Multi-species gamefish


Model: SCRM11
Running Depth: 1,8 – 2,7 m -|- 6′ – 9′ feet
Retrieve/Trolling Speed: 2.0 -|- 4.5 mph
Body Length: 11 cm -|- 4-3/8″ in
Weight: 6 g -|- 3/16 oz
Treble Hooks: Three No. 6