Rapala Scatter Rap Shad Deep-DSCRS



Just like a spooked baitfish fleeing for its life in the top of the water column, the Scatter Rap Shad Deep brings Scatter Rap action to the 9-12 foot depth range.


Balsa Body with Scatter Lip Wire Through Construction
Evasive, Erratic, Floating, Silent Action
Classic Shad Rap Profile
Quick Diving
High buoyancy
True Multi-Species Gamefish Appeal
Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks
Technique: Cast or Trolled

Model: DSCRS07
Running Depth: 1,5 – 2,4 m -|-  9’ – 12′ feet
Body Length: 7 cm -|-  2-3/4″ in
Weight: 7 g -|-  1/4 oz
Hook Size: Two No. 6