River 2 Sea Big Mistake

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The design process between an angler and the River2Sea engineers does not always work flawlessly, and just as the name suggest, this bait was born off a miscue between Bass Pro Chris Lane and the team at River2Sea. The unique size and shape of this bait provides a big profile for those Giant Bass to hone in on.

The big soft plastic props moves a large amount of water, which puts off a sound that the Bass cannot help but seek and destroy. The “Big Mistake” is an obvious fish catching bait that is the result of Bass Master Classic Champion Chris Lane and the design team here at River2Sea.


Model: CL-BM160 Big Mistake 160
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 16 cm -|- 6 3/8″ in.
Weight: 27 g -|- 7/8 oz.
Treble hooks: Three River 2 Sea (BN) Treble #1

River 2 Sea Big Mistake colors:

13-munky butt
18-i know it
26-pac man
28-blue gill
29-orange crush

River 2 Sea Big Mistake
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