River 2 Sea Glassie Vibe



The Glassie Vibration is made from solid, clear resin with holographics and a hint of colour. This lure has a one piece wire construction and 3X strong VMC hooks and an internal foil covered weight system for a buoyancy controlled swimming action. A reflection has made this lure a stand out in the River2Sea range. The unique design of the Glassie Vib expels vibration (Sonics) similar to that of a fish in distress. Attracting a fish to its presents very effective in large impoundments for bass or when fished over shallow reefs.

River 2 Sea Glassie Vibe colors lure:

GLV01-Spotedd Gold
GLV02-Purple Edge
GLV03-Lite Green
GLV04-Laser Black
GLV05-Clear Spotted
GLV06-Root Beer
GLV07-Clear White
GLV08-Golden Tiger