River 2 Sea Hi-Dep

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Looking for the classic wobble of a medium depth diving crankbait, the Hi Dep 65 is all that and more. With a streamlined shape and River2Sea’s Tungsten Weight Transfer System, Hi Dep 65 will cast like a bullet, run deep and suspend when stopped.


At 88 millimeters, the Hi Dep 88 is a big crankbait fan’s dream. With the capability to run to 15 foot or more (depending on the line used), and River2 Sea’s exclusive Tungsten weight transfer system, Hi Dep 88 will get in the bass’ face and stay there.

River 2 Sea Hi-Dep colors:

G42-Aurora Ghost Minnow
G43-Aurora Chartreuse Shad
G18-Lite Craw
G25-Purple Back
HA16-Chrome Blue
MA17-Chrome Black
MC02-Aurora Black
S13-Delta Red
S29-New Fire Tiger
S30-Bleeding Pearl
S31-Delta Craw
S45-Blue Gill
G04-Ghost Perch
G09-Spring Craw
G10-Red Tiger Craw
G44-Aurora Munky
HC11-Baby Bass
M05-Chartreuse Blue
M06-Matte Green Tiger


River 2 Sea Hi-Dep
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