River 2 Sea Killer Vibe

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The Killer Vibe is a high speed saltwater trolling lure which few equal. In fact, it has been said through independent studies that the Killer Vib is the best bibless minnow ever made.

It’s made from high-quality resins, allowing it to remain hydro-dynamically stable, even when retrieved at high speeds. A full through wire construction means that even in the unlikely event that the body breaks you’ll stay connected with the fish.

Perfect for tuna, mackeral and wahoo. Cast or troll up to 10 knots. Fitted with welded eye ultra sharp inline single fishing hooks. N.B. No longer in production.

River2Sea Killer Vibe Features:

9 Deadly effective colours
Can be trolled from 3 to 12 knots
Constructed from high quality resins
Hydro-dynamically stable
Length: 100, 160, 200 mm
Swims down to 6 metres

River 2 Sea Killer Vibe Color:

Red Head-05
Purple Chrome-07
Bloody Mack-13
Gold Digger-22
White Bait-23
Pink Gem-25

River 2 Sea Killer Vibe
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