Salmo Hodag

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The Hodag is without a doubt one of the best hooking big fish baits we have ever seen. The first taper is from front to back so that the rear 5/0 hook is ready for action. The wide to narrow body shape forms the second taper so the front 5/0 treble has more of a bite.

Most anglers would classify the Hodag as a surface crawler, this wrong. The Salmo Hodag does act like a surface crawling lure if you wish it to, but it does not stop there. Salmo lure designers realized that speed often can trigger that following fish to strike.

If your lure flips over on it’s back, then all is lost. The Hodag DOES NOT ROLL! As you increase your retrieve rate, the lure simply gets ever more and more excited. Again, fast or slow, it is all about design. The wiggle of a Hodag on the surface might very well be the most exciting thing a monster muskie has ever seen, so hang on!

Will the Hodag work for you? Well if a crazy topwater bait wiggling and flopping across the surface at any speed is your kind of bait, then the Hodag sets a new standard that no other muskie lure in the world can match, plain and simple.


BH-Black Hodag
FH-Fire Hodag
GH-Ghost Hodag

GT-Green Tiger
RT-Red Tiger
SN-Starry Night

Salmo Hodag
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