Smith Bay Blue

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Bay blue swim fly horizontal orientation. Low air resistance, so swim to the bow of a conventional plug vibration. Bayblue is a very slow swimmer. Pack up a small body weight, heavy features are the only different vibration. Bayblue is excellent in stability, even if the balance is falling, well-versed in yo-yo up and down.

Because it moves quickly even on an ultra-slow retrieve, you can trace the target layer for a long time. The stability of the Bable is outstanding, and even yo-yo fishing along the shore is a breeze, as it doesn’t lose its balance when you let it fall and doesn’t have line problems.


Model: Bay Blue 70S
Running Depth: sinking
Length: 7 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 14 g -|- 1/2 oz.

Model: Bay Blue 90S
Running Depth: sinking
Length: 90 cm -|- 3-9/16″ in.
Weight: 21 g -|- 11/16 oz.

Model: Bay Blue 90HS
Running Depth: High speed sinking
Length: 90 cm -|- 3-9/16″ in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.

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Smith Bay Blue

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Smith Bay Blue
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