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Among the terrestrial insects that are the main bait for trout, we have highlighted the stink bug, which is a surprisingly common predator. One of the reasons why stinkbugs are often preyed upon in both stop-and-search and flowing water is that they often occur in large numbers due to inbreeding, and in such cases, the water falls on them for some reason, and they are sometimes even matched with each other. This hybrid bug, “Camenushi”, is a realistic reproduction of the theme of such a stink bug.

The action of the turtlefish’s deformed flat body is more appealing than it looks. When you give it a small twitch after landing on the water, you can easily make a 180-degree turn and spread ripples on the surface of the water, and when you retrieve it with a dead slow retrieve, you can make a ripple.

On a slow tug, it keeps the depth at 20-30cm, and on a slightly quicker retrieve it stays at 50-60cm deep, which is a combination of sharp wobbling and rolling action. When you twitch the lure during the retrieve, it makes a fluttering motion, and when you stop and go on the retrieve, it slides left and right to attract trout from the surface to shallow water. However, just pulling is effective enough.


Model: Camenusi-Floating
Running Depth: 0.3 – 0.6 m -|- 1 – 2 ft.
Length: 3 cm -|- 1-1/2″ in.
Weight: 2.5 g -|- 3/32 oz.
Hooks: #10 Black

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Japan lure Smith Camenusi

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Smith Camenusi
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