Smith Chinupen

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Chinupen FW: Equipped with a tungsten weight at the end of the body, the “Chinupen” has an outstanding flying distance. When the lure is twitched in small increments, it shakes its head from side to side with the tail at the center, generating a strong water push and leaving a ripple to appeal to the lure.

At this time, the lure is able to maintain a stable action without jumping out of the water, giving the angler a chance to hook a bite without breaking the surface. At the same time, the emperor part of the lure creates a wave motion that changes the water flow under the surface of the water, further inducing bites.

Chinupen FW is a weight-tuned version that can demonstrate the original function of the Chinupen in waters with low salt concentration. While maintaining its outstanding flying distance, the lure swings its head from side to side around its tail with a small twitch, creating a strong water push and appealing with a ripple effect. It has the same potential as the Chinupen to induce bites that do not break the surface of the water by producing a stable action without jumping out of the water.

The lure is available in a variety of clear colors that are highly popular with expert anglers. The clear color system has been steadily gaining popularity.


Smith Chinupen

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Colors without a “P” at the beginning of the color number (#01-) have a glass rattle inserted to stimulate the Chinook with a high-pitched rattle sound. The high-pitched sound of the glass rattle appeals to curious Chinook and fiddlerfish, in addition to the predatory sound of the popper.

Color numbers beginning with the letter P (#P50~) do not contain a rattle. A mirror plate is inserted inside the body of the lure to create a strong diffuse reflection. The mirror plate creates a strong flashing effect when the bait is startled and runs away. It will not only catch Chinook, but also eels. It is a powerful weapon for appealing in shallow water.


Model: Chinupen FW – Freshwater
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 68 mm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 7.4 g -|- 1/4 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-46 # 8


Smith Chinupen
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