Smith Sibo Cra



Smith SIBO CRA MR & DR is a Round Crankbait bait with basic profile that immediately comes into action even with particularly slow recoveries. The rough surface of the body creates special visual effects and small irresistible turbulence for most trout.

Inside the body, small transfer balls give off strong vibrations during the swimming phases producing an attractive rattling effect and at the same time increasing the throwing performance of these artificial baits.

Smith Sibo CRA: In both models the hook placed under the belly of the artificial is connected through a split ring to a hook positioned horizontally while the hook placed on the tail is hooked through a double split ring to a hook positioned vertically. This double trim incredibly increases the capturing power of these cranks.


The raised body surface creates better visibility and more turbulence in the water.

It comes into action immediately with accentuated wobbling movement even in case of very slow recovery.

Perfect balance between body and paddle for a perfect sensitivity during recovery

Perfect flotation.

Sibo Cra MR-F

Smith SIBO MR-F: Medium Runner model with strong vibrations in water. The maximum sinking is about 1.5mt. Equipped with a frontal paddle of medium size in the shape of a fan that allows to produce a rather wide wave swimming of the artificial even with very slow recovery. The buoyancy is very pronounced. Artificial of very easy management able to undermine the prey in the superficial and intermediate water belt.


Model: Sibo Cra MR-F
Running Depth: 1.0 – 1.5 m – 3 – 5 ft.
Length: 34 mm -|- 1 3/8 in.
Weight: 3.2 g -|- 1/8 oz.
Hooks: #8

Sibo Cra DR-F

SIBO DR-F: Deep Runner model to probe the maximum depths. The maximum sinking is about 2mt. The particular shape of the frontal paddle, with wavy side profiles and partially recessed frontal part, allows the artificial to express a narrower and faster oscillating movement compared to the MR model, increasing at the same time the sensitivity in fishing and sinking.


Model: Sibo Cra DR-F
Running Depth: 1.5 – 2.0 m – 5 – 8 ft.
Length: 34 mm -|- 1 3/8 in.
Weight: 3.6 g -|- 1-1/4 oz.
Hooks: #8

Smith Sibo Cra MR and DR model


Smith Sibo Cra

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Colors lure:

Deadly Pink
Drab Yellow
Chikukou Brown
Ilpere RP2
Olive oil
Frozen Smoke


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