Gan Craft Joi Crawler

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An exciting new hybrid option for the explosive world that is topwater fishing, the Gan Craft Joi Crawler Topwater Walking Bait is sure to bring heart-palpitating blowups to your day on the water. Designed using the floating body of the infamous Jointed Claw 178 that put Gan Craft’s name on the map, the Joi Crawler now boasts two large aluminum wings to maximize surface commotion and flash.

Not only are the exceptionally durable wings excellent for creating a turbulent presence on the water, but they also are constructed to be easily swapped out in a hurry in the event a big bass damages a wing beyond quick-repair.

The meticulously detailed appearance of the Gan Craft Joi Crawler Topwater Walking Bait is equally matched by its performance features. The wings collapse on the cast for increased aerodynamics, allowing you to launch this bait a country mile and cover water more efficiently.

Once on the water, the wings flare out immediately and initiate the mesmerizing crawling motion that is complemented by the subtle shimmy of the tail end of the bait to seduce the biggest predators into lashing out. Completed with sticky-sharp treble hooks and premium hardware throughout, the Gan Craft Joi Crawler Topwater Walking Bait delivers highly unique action capable of calling trophy bass in from a long way off.


Model: Joi Crawler 178
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 178 mm -|- 7″ in.
Weight: 56 g -|- 2 oz.
Hooks: Front: # 1 Rear: # 2


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Gan Craft Joi Crawler
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