Gan Craft Kaiten

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One of the newest imports from Japan, the Gan Craft Kaiten 148 is a single-bladed, sinking prop bait with more than enough action and detail to trick the largest and most seasoned bass into biting. At the rear, the Gan Craft Kaiten 148 is fitted with an oversized, whirling prop blade that produces a steady blend of visual stimulation, vibration, and a very unique sound that draws bass in for a better look. Once they’re close enough, the lifelike 3D eyes, etched gill plates, and intricate scaling pattern seal the deal.

Effective at a wide-range of depths, the Gan Craft Kaiten 148 can be fished over shallow flats at a steady clip, or allowed to sink to tempt bass that are suspending deep in the water column. Offered in a number of highly detailed baitfish patterns, the Gan Craft Kaiten 148 delivers a powerful mixture of undulation and vibration that stateside bass won’t be able to resist.

Model Gan Craft Kaiten 148
Running Depth: Slow Sink
Body Length: 148 mm  -|- 5-3/4 in.
Weight: 49 g -|-  1-3/4 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-36BC Front:#2 Center:#2 Rear:#2

Model Gan Craft Kaiten 178  Type: Kaiten NS – SS,
Running Depth: Slow Sink
Body Length: 178 mm -|- 7″ in.
Weight: Ns 78 g -|- 2·3/4 oz.  SS 68 g -|-  2·3/7 oz.
Hooks: Cultiva ST-36BC Front:#1 Center:#1 Rear:#1

Gan Craft Kaiten
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