Megabass Humpback GH46

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The tail-weighted, fast sinking gh46 humpback trout minnow is built to dominate tough, technical streams and fast current. Despite its diminutive size, the tall body gives off outsized flash to bring discerning trout to the table. The gh46’s heavy tail-weighting also generates a wriggling, falling action to coax bites out of pools and allow for range adjustment along deep cut banks.

Designed primarily for stable retrieves with and against current, anglers can also spice up their offering with twitches and jerks to power escape action that attract reaction bites from veteran trophies that should know better. In swifter streams and deeper pools, these lures show their true power by reaching depth quicker than conventional minnows and tracking true through current. Other models from the Megabass brand.


Model: Humpback GH46 – Fast Sinking
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 46 mm -|- 1-7/8″ in.
Weight: 4 g -|- 9/64 oz.
Hooks: #12 x 2pcs

Humpback GH46 Colors:

minnow megabass humpback gh46 all colors

Takumi Yamame
Takumi Iwana
Takumi Sake Chigyo
Takumi Setsuki Ayu
Al Shiny Keimura Ayu
Al Indicator Yamame
M Kinkuro
M Kinore
Lz Highland Wakasagi II
Lz Lime Back Ob
Lz Chart Back Yamame
Lz Pink Back Yamame
Takumi Kawamasu
Al Sabi Yamame
Al Autumn Halation
M Red Stream II
M Blupin Stream
Pa Mark Mat Tiger

Megabass Humpback GH46
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