Megabass Vibration X Power Bomb

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The Megabass Vibration-X Power Bomb (Silent) is an oval shaped, flat headed, 5cm, 10.63grams, fast sinking, lipless crankbait fishing lure that is designed for shore based and boat game deep diving action. The Silent version is good for in impoundment ponds where fish stock are easily spooked and also in saltwater, where fish appear to be less partial to the noise made by internal rattlers.

Constructed with a broad flat head to increase surface area to increase resistance, the Power Bomb will produce intense vibrations even at slow retrieve speeds.At higher speed retrievals, stability and straight tracking is achieved with the aid of its dorsal fin design.

The tall compact profile and dense weight makes it easy to cast this lure into head winds. The Vibration-X Power Bomb is best worked by “bouncing” it over sea bed on a lift-fall retrieve pattern that produces an erratic swim pattern with each lift of the rod.


Model: Vibration X Power Bomb
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 50 mm -|- 2″ in.
Weight: 10.6 g -|- 3/8 oz.
Treble hooks: 2 x #8

Vibration X Power Bomb Colors:


Megabass Vibration X Power Bomb

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Megabass Vibration X Power Bomb
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