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Yamato JR

In spite of the individuality of products are getting weaker, Yamato O.S.P was released in 2006 advocating original concept in the field of similar lure, pencil bait and pencil popper. Yamato’ downsizing version Yamato Jr. was born to succeed Yamato’s concept completely and to adjust tougher condition.

In order to strengthen various tempting power Yamato’s structure was redesigned for Jr. and realized ability that topwater plug has never had. Lower eye is used normally, by making it dogwalk right and left it generates strong temptation right after swimming.

In an instant it performs maximum ability and lure the target. And high appeal power attracts bass from wide range even in weed area. In tough condition, it attracts bass naturally with sweet popping sound and smooth turn brought by soft rod operation.

On the contrary, hard rod operation produces high appeal temptation by popping sound that creates reaction and wide splash. Although Yamato Jr. is a stick bait that does not move by itself, you can handle lure action whatever you want without difficult rod operation.

Another feature is it creates wake, splash and unique sound while dog walking. Especially, popping sound created by front and side cup is quite similar to bite sound of other bass, that stimulates fighting instinct of target bass. And it swirls water, lift up surface and creates circle wake.

At the same time, dome like splash and wide scattered splash demonstrates appeal power beyond comparison.Yamato Jr. is a NEW bait that advocates new strategy in the developing bass fishing taking advantage of the blind spot.

Yamato JR 2

The SPEC2 changed the body material to bone to cope with the situation where the rattle sound is effective. By adjusting the weight, the buoyancy is increased, and the action is agile and has a strong appeal. In addition, the weights of the front and center have been changed from steel to tungsten to generate rolling noise and intense deep bass.

In addition to the splash and pop sounds during the dog walk, the rattle effect of “Gyoro” by double tungsten was added to double the appeal. In addition, the line is lightly stretched, the lure is shaken slightly, and the technique of biting with a rattle sound is also supported at a high level.

YAMATO Jr. SPEC2 induces a bite with a unique appeal power using the rattle sound that big bass cannot ignore as a weapon.


Three cups engraved in front, board under joe and two line eyes. These strange shape relate to every action. The strong lure with various action based on pencil popper of new field was born. Actually lure called pencil popper has thin body, so size of cup also become small.

Therefore it excels in dog-walk action like escaping bait fish and get bite by soft sound, but it was not so good in decoing bass out from a large area. So what O.S.P aimed is to develop new lure which has strong point of pencil popper, strengthened appeal power, and is anyone can manipulate easily.

The development over a long period of time piled up maturity, O.S.P adopted two eyes to meet various kind of situation. By using them properly, it acts widely not only surface but subsurface. As a result it became possible to gather bass from wide range even in tough condition.

When bass is conscious of surface, lower “high appeal eye” is recommended. By the effect of center board it creates high pitch dog walk action which moves forward briskly with one action. So it act as top water plug which has strong appeal in spreading sound and splash to the circumference.

That is why YAMATO can catch bass which you can’t catch so far from the spot you aimed. On the other hand when bass never appears on the surface, upper “diving eye” is recommended to fish subsurface. First, letting it dive by strong jerk and twitching rod with short pitch, it shakes head right and left with flashing like jerkbait.

And simple retrieve makes YAMATO as swimbait which goes S like action and attracts bass. The birth of O.S.P YAMATO enables anglers fish variously along with the situation. It works as topwater plug which has strong appeal, as flashing jerkbait,as S like action swimbait without changing lures. Indeed YAMATO has reversed the concept of pencil popper and established new genre as surface multi action bait.

Yamato Spec2

Normal YAMATO is a surface multi-action bait of new genre which has unprecedented body design with colorful and strong appeal power. Three cups at the front and both side make wide and massive splash. Pop sound is quite similar to the bite sound. This is especially effective to big bass because it resounds to a wide range.

Normally, lower “high appeal eye” is recommended. This eye position makes you slow approach by one-spot dog walk. Center board will help this action. When bass is slow and reluctant to come up to the surface of the water, upper “diving eye” is recommended.

This makes you select fishing style depending on the activeness of bass, using dog walk action with diving action or S-shaped action by simple retrieve. YAMATO SPEC 2 has the same performance as normal YAMATO. But the material is changed to bone material. It does not have transparency, but it works when rattle sound is effective.

Two weights were changed to tungsten for front, and the length of 3 pin in the weight room were also changed. So they produce rolling sound and heavy low sound. It generates splash sound and pop sound when dog walk and doubles the appeal power by adding rattle effect.


OSP Yamato

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Yamato all colors:

Ghost Minnow G 01
Real Bitterling RPO 02
TG Sunfish TG 03
Black P 05
Hasu T 06
Crystal Blue Shiner H 09
Mat Tiger M 14
Gin Rin H 23
Sunny Gill P 45
Pearl Chart Back P 64
Real Perch RPO 69
TS Livly Flash Wakasagi TSL 76
Ghost Clear TS 00
Blueback Herring OL 21
Tasty Shad P 23
Crystal Clown H 59
Ghost Pearl P 83
Impact Lime Chart PB 35
Sexy Pink P 43
T.N. Silver Gill PMS 45
Chart Back Crystal HH 64
Real Bitterling RPO 02
Crystal Gold H 04
Crystal Blue Shiner H 09
Vanilla Chartreuse P 39
Real Bitterling RPO 02
Crystal Gold H 04
Crystal Blue Shiner H 09
Vanilla Chartreuse P 39


Model: Yamato JR
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 94 mm -|- 3-7/10 in.
Weight: 18 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Hooks: #4
Released: June 2009

Model: Yamato JR 2
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 94 mm -|- 3-7/10 in.
Weight: 17.5 g -|- 5/8 oz.
Hooks: #4
Released: June 2013

Model: Yamato
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 118 mm -|- 4-3/5 in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Hooks: #4
Released: October 2006

Model: Yamato Spec2
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 118 mm -|- 4-3/5 in.
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Hooks: #4
Released: December 2016


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