OSP Bent Minnow

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After made its debut in 2009, Bent Minnow has been creating dramatic reaction of fish whenever it swims or stays. That amazing effect demonstrates throughout any kind of fish eaters not only bass but sea bass, trout, dorado.

So, its achievement and value sweeps Japan and all over the world. It was selected as No.1 top water lure by fishing version of Outdoor Canada magazine, which has 2million and 200thousand circulation. Bent Minnow was developed to get more bite under high-pressure condition caused by many anglers or in the lake which has smaller baitfish.

Even though it was downsized, overwhelming tempting power is still effective and it lures fish by ultimate 3D natural dart action. The maximum feature bent body reproduces small fish lying on the surface of water unable to swim. The fact that by just letting it stay on the water, fish react definitely proves its effectiveness.

Besides this visual element, unparalleled one and only action should be specially mentioned. 3D dart action of an upper and lower, right and left diagonal is very illusive to fish and make them bite without any doubt.

OSP Bent Minnow Colors: 76 F, 86 F, 106 F, 130 F,


OSP Bent Minnow

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OSP Bent Minnow
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