Rapala BX Jointed Shad-Bxjsd



Built with a balsa coe and a durable outer shell, the BX® Jointed Shad is very responsive to even the slowest retrieves, yet features a very strong, body kicking action and tracks straight at high speeds. Near-neutral buoyancy with super slow rise on the pause allows for slow, yet aggressive presentation.


Balsa Core and Copolymer Shell Construction
Floating and Kicking Action
Cast or Trolled
Multi-Species Gamefish
VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks

Model: BXJSD06
Running Depth: 1.2 – 1.8 m -|- 4′ – 6′ feet
Body Length: 6cm -|-  2-1/2″ in
Weight: 7g  -|-  1/4 oz
Treble Hooks: Two No. 8