Rapala BX Skitter Frog-BXSF

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Designed to be fished through heavy cover where the big ones lurk and ambush their prey, the BX Skitter Frog will skitter and jump with a fast, steady retrieve creating a lot of splash and noise. Made with responsive balsa and surrounded by a strong copolymer shell; the BX Skitter Frog with its extra tough skin will help you land toothy predators time and time again. Up-turned, heavy-duty premium VMC double hook and thick rubber skirt allow for snag-free presentations.


Model: BX Skitter Frog-BXSF05
Running Depth: Topwater
Length: 55 mm -|- 2-1/4″ in.
Weight: 13 g -|- 1/2 oz.
Treble hooks: No. 2/0

Product Features:

Balsa Core Copolymer Outer Shell
Jumping Frog Action
Big Splash & Commotion
VMC 7925 Black Nickel Hooks

BX Skitter Frog Colors:


Rapala BX Skitter Frog

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Rapala BX Skitter Frog-BXSF
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