Rapala Flash-X Dart



CAST, RETRIEVE, PAUSE, STRIKE! – The Flash-X Dart is heavily weighted to cast farther than other lures in its class. Thanks to its prismatic design, the lure sinks with a side-flashing fluttering action on the pause and remains stable when retrieved at high speed. Additionally, this unique shape makes the Flash-X Dart catch and reflect light like a mirror ball, attracting fish from a wide area. A wired-through construction ensures that this lure is built to withstand big fish and strong drag pressure. Other models from the Rapala brand.


Designed for Long Casting Distance
For Saltwater Predators
Side-to-Side Darting Action
Sinking, Flutters on the Drop
Durable Wire-Through Construction
Plastic Body with Metalized Coating for Extreme Flash
Unique Prismatic Design


Model: Flash-X Dart FXDR14
Running Depth: Variable
Length: 14 cm -|- 5-1/2″ in.
Weight: 42 g -|- 1-1/2 oz.
Hooks: Two No. 4

Colors Flash-X Dart:

Saltwater lure Rapala Flash-X Dart

Ghost Sandeel
HD Blue Sardine
HD Nonito
HD Flying Fish Uv
HD Hot Pink Uv
HD Pink Sardine
HD Wahuu Uv
Live Ayu
Mahi Mahi
Red Head