Rapala Ikado

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Rapala Ikado Squid Jig sets itself apart from the others thanks to a revolutionary “Swing Weight System” (SWS). This proprietary system features interchangeable weights that allow anglers to adjust the casting weight and sinking speed without sacrificing the balance and action of the lure.

This free swing weight guarantees perfect balance at all times. Weights can be adjusted for desired presentation. The Swing Weight System also increases “feel” with added sensitivity and enhanced action when fished on the bottom.

Each Rapala Ikado 101 comes packaged with two differing weights, one of which is rigged and ready to go. To change the weight, simply remove the clip on the front of the jig, slide off the old weight, and slide on the new weight and reattach the clip.


Swim Systems ballasts
Each lure comes with two weights for different levels of sinking
Finishes rainbow holographic fabric texture
Specially designed series
First-class Squid Bait
Specially developed hook
Always consistent action
Weights can be replaced
With a beautiful bait contact
Swing Weight System
Kontrullierte Sink Rate
2 weights included
Universal weights possible
Surface structure

Rapala Ikado Specifications

Rapala Ikado Colors:

Glow In Dark-Body Normal Cloth-Painted Fluorescent Orange
Glow In Dark Body-Normal Cloth-Painted Fluorescent Red
Gold Body-Orange Cloth-Silk Printed Orange
Silver Body-Orange Cloth-Silk Printed Pink
Glow In Dark Body-Normal Cloth-Printed Black-Purple With Rainbow Stripe
Silver Body-Rainbow Fin Clouth-Printed Sardine
Rainbow Hot Stumped Body-Orange Cloth-Painted Green Back Orange Head
Glow In Dark Body-Normal Cloth-Two Fluoorescent Red Stripes
Transparent Body-Rainbow Fin Fabric-Printed Red Snapper Color
Transparent Body-Rainbow Fin Fabric-Printed Mullet Color
Transparent Body-Rainbow Fin Cloth Printed-Printed Red With Yellow Green Stripe
Glow In Dark Body-Normal Cloth-Dark Red With Blue Stripe And Yellow Flash
Transparent Body-Orange Cloth-Silk Screened Pink With Black Stripe

Rapala Ikado
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