Rapala Sliver-SL



Designed as a fast trolling needlefish lure, primarily for tuna, fisherman have found it equally effective for many other varieties of gamefish. A lethal weapon on the Great Lakes. Broken back design creates an incredible realistic needlefish simulation at any speed. Optimum performance when trolled at 4-6 knots. Rugged saltwater rigging and hardware equipped with Perma Steel hooks and securely attached metal lip to take the beating of oyster shells and coral. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to run perfectly in any condition.


Broken Back Design
Specialty Design Mimics Needlefish
Premium VMC Perma Steel Hooks
Rugged Saltwater Rigging & Hardware
Tuna Fishery Staple


Model: SL-13
Running Depth: 2,7 – 3,3 m – 9′-11′ feet
Body Length: 13 cm – 5-1/4″
Weight: 17 g – 9/16 oz.
Hooks: Two #2

Model: SL-20
Running Depth: 2.8 – 4.3m – 9′-14′ feet
Body Length: 20 cm – 8 inches
Weight: 38 g – 1 3/8
Hooks: Two #2