Smith D-Concept

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Smith D-Concept 48MD medium deep diving minnow baits are the innovative trout minnows, to be used in white rivers. The innovation is at its heavy body, 4.8gram for this tiny 48mm bait. The weight allows you to cast long, and to shoot them like arrow below the bush and leaves.

The heavy body makes inertia sliding actions at twitching. Its flat body sides reflect light to attract trout hiding under rocks. This MD medium deep runner is effective when trout are at deep and not much chasing after regular D-Contact minnows. The wobbling action of this bait is subtle, but quite effective to natural trout. Diving range 1.5m 5ft.


Aim for the pin spot with a good flying position and a comfortable distance.
Reeling depth is 150 cm (4 lb).

Strong bites are triggered by inertial sliding and hitting with a twitch.

The lift and fall makes you squirm and twist in agony.

Tough balance on the reverse pull” to attract big fish that are difficult to catch when up.

Flat side design with a brilliant glittering effect

High potential” for shallow to bottom, up to down

Heavy sinking medium-deep with crisp action and quick diving.


Model: D-Concept
Running Depth: 1.0 m – 2.0 m -|- 3′ – 6′ ft. Heavy sinking
Length: 48 mm -|- 1-3/4″ in.
Weight: 5 g -|- 3/16 oz.
Hooks: D-contact hook #12


Smith D-Concept

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Smith D-Concept
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