Smith D-Compact

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Heavy sinking minnow Condensed 10 years of know-how D-Compact. In 2003, Hitoshi Hiramoto who brought up the heavy sinking minnow “D-contact” as a new concept minnow as before was proposed “D- compact” newly proposed after 10 years. It is not a meaning of being small, but amazing “ease of use” and “eating ability” are included as “condensed things” for the past years.

Body design

“Vertical lettering” back which arranged vertices of buoyancy just above the center of gravity. And the flat side that enhances the shimmering effect. A slim lip that achieved a well-balanced strength by chewing with swims and chewing.

Swim, action

Wobb & roll is a swing of 50/50% big waves. For this reason, appealing power is strong only by drawing. Short pitched shirred inertia slide with a short movement width triggers even a slight action zone. Dirt with crack due to hard touch avoid “abandonment”. The depth of reeling (water stop) is 100 cm with D – compact 45 and it is deeper than D contact, D insight. D-Compact 38 is 60 cm.

“Ease of use” and “eating ability” that do not jump out in every situation

In scenes that are likely to pop out from the surface of the water normally, such as shallow or fast flowing up at the Titchi, and a strong core from the side inviting U letters, the complex and strong Goroishi Capture down flow with down. Even in a situation where rod corner is set up in various situations, subtle rod manipulation such as laying down, and very nervous to line tension, D-compact can handle easily by lip and body balance superior in water chewing, without jumping out It is appealed.

Easy range control “ease of use” and “eating ability”

Regardless of whether it is shallow or deep, the range control is very important. Together with the fish Tana, it is directly connected to the result. If you can not control it, I will lose an important lure. What matters is the combination of rod angle, strength of action, and reeling speed. D – Compact obediently responds to Angler ‘s intention.


Model: D-Compact 38
Running Depth: Heavy sinking
Length: 38 mm -|- 1-1/2″ in.
Weight: 2.5 g -|- 3/32 oz.
Hooks: Treble Hook (Short Shank) #14

Model: D-Compact 45
Running Depth: Heavy sinking
Length: 45 mm -|- 1-3/4″ in.
Weight: 3.5 g -|- 1-1/4 oz.
Hooks: Treble Hook (Short Shank) #12

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Smith D-Compact

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Smith D-Compact
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