Bagley Deep Diving Minnow-B



The Deep Diving Minnow B is built for those fishermen who want to get deep but also want a lively action even when using heavy trolling line. Starting with the classic Minnow B body frame, we altered the interior weighting to allow for a deeper angle of descent and of course added a deep diving swimming lip specifically designed to get it deep but also to create a vigorous and wide swimming action that is un-mistakenly Bagley.

Designed by Jarmo Rapala to be the next great trolling bait for serious fishermen everywhere. Tie one on. Built with an internal rattle to create extra stimulus, its extra long lead-weighted Polycarbonate diving lip takes this bait deep. Fish at a slow troll to flaunt a shape that mimics perch, alewife, smelt or shad. Inspired by the Bang O Lure Deep Diving, but now ready to handle big hits.


Model: Deep Diving Minnow B 04
Running Depth: 4.2 m – 5.2 m -|- 14 – 18 ft.
Body Length: 10 cm -|- 4” in.
Weight: 11 g -|- 3/8 oz.


Albino Orange Belly (AOB)
Gold (G)
Gold Perch (GP)
Hot Perch (HP)
Purple Pearl (PPL)
Purple Silver (PS)
Silver (S)
Silver Blue (SB)
Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse (SFC)
Yellow Perch (YP)