Bagley Knocker-B



One long cast with this tremendous top water bait will tell you all you need to know about the name. When worked on the surface this bait emits a loud knock with each twitch – which is a death rattle for fish in the area. It casts a mile and is fun to work for all species of freshwater fish. The Knocker B is available in two sizes (9 and 11) and in six freshwater colors. Knock ‘em dead.


Model: Knocker B 09
Running Depth: Topwater
Body Length: 9 cm -|- 3-1/2” in.
Weight: 14 g -|- 1/2 oz.

Model: Knocker B 11
Running Depth: Topwater
Body Length: 10.8 cm -|-  4-1/4′ in.
Weight: 18 g -|-  5/8 oz.


Baby Bass-BB
Brown Frog-BF
Chartreuse Shad-CSD
Green Frog-GF
Bone White-BWTE