Bagley Bang O Lure



For 60 years, smallies, walleye, pike and bigmouth have thrashed weedbeds and structure in savage attacks on the same infuriating romper: the irresistible balsa wood Bang-O-Lure. Cast, settle, twitch and retrieve. Or troll five feet from shore. Either way, grip tight and brace yourself for a classic strike.


Model: Bang O Lure-BL4
Running Depth: 0 – 60 cm -|- 0 – 2 ft.
Body Length: 10.6 cm -|- 4-1/4″ in.
Weight: 7 g -|- 1/4 oz.

Model: Bang O Lure-BL5
Running Depth: 0 – 60 cm -|- 0 – 2 ft.
Body Length: 13.1 cm -|- 5 1/4″ in.
Weight: 12 g -|-  3/8 oz.

Colors lure:

Baby Bass-BB
Black Back/Gold Foil-BGO
Black Back/Silver Foil-BS
Chartreuse Bluegill-CBGL
Chartreuse Shad-CSD
Gray Ghost-GG
Hot Tiger-HT
Black Stripes On Gold Foil-SBG
Black Stripes On Silver Foil-SBS
Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse-SFC
Sexy Shad-SS
Tennessee Shad/Orange Belly-TSO