Bagley Deep Diving Shad-DDS



Ranges to 14 feet deep, moving with a tight, fast shad shaped wobble, this lively 4-inch killer sends out vibrations that pressure even distant, non-feeding gamefish to come running. Trolled fast or super slow on light line with a soft rod tip, it’s an irresistible target for suspended fish. Extra-fast wobble on a slow troll, steady track on a fast troll, so vary speed to keep fish interested. Use 6-12 pound test line and a soft-tipped rod for the best action.

Model Bagley Deep Diving shad-DDS
Running Depth: 3.2 m – 4.2 m -|- 12-14′ ft.
Body Length: 7 cm -|- 2-3/4″ in.
Weight: 9.2 g -|- 3/8 oz.

Wood balsa color

Albino Orange Belly (AOB)
Baby Bass (BB)
Black Back on Purple/Purple Tiger Stripe (BP)
Black Back, Silver Foil (BS)
Blue Tiger (BT)
Hot Tiger (HT)
Purple Back/Chartreuse Sides/Pink Dots (PC)
Purple/Silver Foil (PSF)
Pistachio (PTH)
Rainbow Trout (RT)
Sexy Shad (SS)
Chartreuse Crayfish on White (TOM)
Tennessee Shad Orange Belly (TSO)
Yellow Perch (YP)

Plastic color

Albino Orange Belly (AOB)
Gold (G)
Gold Perch (GP)
Purple Pearl (PPL)
Purple Silver (PS)
Realistic Bluegill (RBGL)
Realistic Shad (RSD)
Silver (S)
Silver Blue (SB)
Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse (SFC)
Yellow Perch (YP)