Deps Cascabel DC-400



The Deps DC-400 Cascabel is a large crankbait, developed and realized to catch big bass fishing deep. In fact the Cascabel can reach 4 meters (13 ft.) depth, if used with 16 pounds test line. The big and sharp treble-hooks guarantee a good hold into the mouth of the fish, and the pointed lip enable a good contact with the bottom. The Deps DC-400 Cascabel is, without any doubts, an essential lure for every angler who is looking for a record fish.

Model: Cascabel-DC 400
Running Depth: 4 m. -|-  13 ft.
Body Length: 85 mm -|-  3.3 Inches
Weight: 28 g -|- 1 oz.
Hooks: Owner ST-36BC #2
Type: Floating lure