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Big bass lure deps

The magnum bait “CODE NAME BASS” is allowed only to anglers with strong mentalitly who can continue throwing and with tough body who can continue casting. Besides its size, this magnum class big bait inherits the experience and achievements from Silentkiller and Slideswimmer dressed up with the realistic soft shell.

The core body (ABS) and softshell are hired for its structure cultivated by Silentkiller system. More realistic soft and lustrous waves and texture with the sense of depth by multiple layer effect complete the visual reality.

The body thickness and all parts considering the battles vs monster class fish as well as splashdown shocks were reviewed many times to build up this tough body. Also the strong impact from 290mm length tall body leads territory-conscious monster class to bite.

detail lure


Setting split rings on both sides of assit hooks prevents missing. If you use small split rings or set in a different way, please beware of missing.

The parts installing operation uses hooks and sharp parts and tools. Please beware of injuries.

After receiving the product, please check if you have all attached parts. We make maximum attention to product management, however, if you find any missing parts or defects, please contact us immediately. Please note that when time had passed or after your installing operation we cannot respond your claim.

Model specifications Code Name Bass